PTS Diagnostic Calculators

The Volumetric Efficiency Calculator is used to compare the reading of the MAF sensor to a calculated air flow. The peak RPM and MAF values should be recorded on a wide open throttle acceleration to the 1-2 shift point. The BARO reading should be obtained from a good running engine and not the local weather station. Generally, the VE should be above 75%. If the result is lower, the MAF might be contaminated.The Combustion Efficiency Calculator should be used with the gas readings of an emission report or from tailpipe gasses obtained at your shop. Once the values are entered, click on the calc button and Lambda and the rest of the values will be calculated.The catalyst requires a mixture of Lambda=1 to perform. The Reduction and Oxidation Efficiency values indicate the effect of the fuel mixture on the catalyst. The Reduction Efficiency value provides a direction of the catalysts ability to lower NOx. The Oxidation Efficiency value indicates the catalysts ability to lower HC and CO.
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